(Joseph Fong, 31)

I’ve been training with Brandon for about 6 months now and he’s awesome. I’ve had a gym membership for years but lacked the motivation and technique to see real results. With Brandon, it all changed as my gym sessions are now fun and productive – and I’m seeing results! He customizes the program based on your goals and objectives. Each session is different as he mixes it up to avoid the same workouts. His pricing is super reasonable especially if you purchase in bulk. He’s also super flexible with scheduling and does all that he can to accommodate you. I highly recommend Brandon!

(Sandi Chang, 29)

I’ve only been training with Brandon for 2 months and I’ve noticed such a change in my body. I’ve been working out consistently for the past 5 years but I was doing the same things over and over again where I didn’t see much results, but training w Brandon each session, he had a new routine planned and each session targeted a different body part and level of intensity. Work outs were mix of cardio, resistance training, weight lifting, and HIIT.  Whats best is it’s personalized for what I needed if I didn’t like a certain work out he would adjust it.

(Truc N.)
(Truc N.)
I’ve always been a fitness class type of gal and have always loved the community aspect of taking instructor led classes over working out at the gym..until I met Brandon!  After going to his cardio class at the UFC gym, I decided to get some personal training sessions with the goal of increasing my strength and endurance and also to just change up my workouts after feeling like I’ve plateaued.  He’ll customize the training according to your fitness objectives and your fitness level after the initial assessment and track your progression.  My sessions have been a variety of workouts consisting of HIIT, strength training, core, legs, arms…etc.  He is extremely patient and will correct your form to ensure that you are doing it properly to avoid injuries.  The best part is that the pricing is very reasonable and cheaper if you buy the sessions in bulk. I am about 10 sessions deep and I am definitely more toned and see more gains as people in the fitness world would say.  Overall my endurance has increased, I feel much stronger and also confident that I can do some of these workouts on my own now.  If you want to take your fitness to the next level, I highly recommend Brandon.

(Greg Riley, 24)
Brandon has changed my whole perspective of fitness. I use to think that being fit meant to do workouts that you didn’t like or feel uncomfortable until you saw results. I was wrong! When Brandon started training me I found that fitness can be both fun and rewarding. I was addicted when I started to see results and now I see the light. Fitness is fun and now is a part of my lifestyle thanks to Brandon. He is awesome!