Dance Fit with B

Have you ever wanted to learn how to dance or are a dancer and want to dance better?  Well here is your chance!

Hi my name is Brandon and I have been dancing for 20 years and have trained in hip hop, jazz, ballet, ballroom, break dancing, shuffling, gymnastics, hula and much more.  I have choreographed weddings, shows and taught class domestically and internationally.  I have been taught by the best teachers in the world and continue to train in dance and dance fitness to better my style.

Here at Dance fit with B I will teach you how to move your body in ways you would have never thought possible and will integrate fitness routines to make you a better dancer.  So if you are the one sitting down at weddings, standing in the corner at clubs, or pass up a dance opportunity with the opposite, same sex or significant other here is your chance to learn. 

Lets get those happy feet going!

Check out my dancing below!